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American Heart Cpr And Advanced Cardiac Life Support in San Antonio

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Why MA Medical Services Medical Education Program is the Best Choice

There are so many frustrations when choosing a training organization: price, quality of Instructors, location...

MA Medical Services is changing how Medical Education is being taught across San Antonio.

We can provide EXACTLY what you are looking for and here is how!!!

High Expected Results:

Our Instructors primarily have prior military training in medical education and have several years of teaching experience. 
Our teachers are able to adjust their training techniques and scenarios to fit individual and/or group needs.

Teaching Methods:

LOW-stress, easy learning, step-by-step training which is broken down into seeing, hearing, and doing to achieve max knowledge.
We provide a "sim man" manikin.
Minimal lecture! Critical thinking! Hands on Scenarios!  

Great Atmosphere:

Low-stress promotes more confidence, giving students more focus to react to emergencies, while still being placed on the spot. 
Students are able to retain more knowledge. 

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"Train as you will fight and you will fight as you train! "

This cardinal principle of the United States Army briefly explains why Army units take so seriously the rigorous regimen of physical and practical training.  Medical Professionals in the US Military train vigorously on their medical skills in order to be ready to use them when the time comes.

We would like to offer you a chance to train your medical skills.  Whether you are a non-medical individual or a seasoned physician we can all learn valuable skills through training.  In today's world we are all at risk of an emergent situation.  From the Boston Bombing , Aurura Theatre Shooting to the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting we all have been devastated by the lives lost and the families affected.  Training is the key to survival during chaotic situations like these.  These situations are similar to combat and require us to fight for our lives and the lives of others.  You can make a difference by training your medical skills.

Many employers are interested in training their employees to a higher level.  One researcher, Laurie Bassi, measured how well employees are trained and developed (Delahoussaye, et al., 2002). She writes that organizations that make large investments in people typically have lower employee turnover, which is associated with higher customer satisfaction, which in turn is a driver of profitability (p22). A second driver is manager proficiency — good managers determine if people stay or go, and this is also influenced by training and development. She further writes that the education and training variable is the most significant predictor of an organization's success as compared to price-to-earning ratios, price-to-book statistics, and measures of risk and volatility.

Companies that fail to invest in employees jeopardize their own success and even survival. In part, this practice has lingered for lack of alternatives. Until recently, there simply were not robust methods for measuring the bottom-line contributions of investments in human capital management (HCM) — things like leadership development, job design, and knowledge sharing. That's changed. - Bassi & McMurrer (2007).