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PICC Line Placement Course 

Course Cost: $3,000.00

The PICC line course offers students a comprehensive introduction to PICC line insertion. The course includes both theoretical content and clinical instruction on an anatomical model. Students will learn anatomy and physiology of the heart and veins, basic vascular ultrasound imaging, identification of appropriate PICC line candidates, how to insert and manage a PICC and how to recognize complications associated with PICC lines.

Students must complete an online component prior to the first day of class.  Certificates of completion  from the online training must be provided during registration the first day of class.

The course also provides a strong practical component.  Students will have access to a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine and will perform PICC line procedures on a manikin prior to procedures on a human.  Practice will include taking relevant anatomical measurements, using appropriate site disinfection techniques, and performing a simulated introducer procedure and threading.

Course Objectives:
Learn the advantages and disadvantages of using PICC lines
Discuss the indications for PICC line therapy
Cannulate the vein using a PICC line
Discuss the anatomy of insertion and vein selection criteria
Understand and use ultrasound guidance for PICC insertions
Recognize and manage the short- and long-term complications of PICC lines
Develop expertise in pre-insertion evaluation and care of post-insertion PICC lines
Practice inserting the needle and guiding it using an ultrasound machine to access the vein or artery

RNs, LVNs and physicians who work with patient populations likely to need long-term IV therapy

This course prepares the student for certification through The Vascular Access Certification Corporation (VACC) program. If certification is desired, students need to successfully pass The Vascular Access Certification Corporation (VACC) exam.

Course Length: two sessions, 4-6 hours each

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Phlebotomy Course

Course Cost: $200.00

This is a required course in phlebotomy programs, teaching common phlebotomy practices for adults and children. Students learn how to safely and effectively draw blood using venipuncture and capillary puncture methods for adults and children, plus finger sticks or heel sticks for young children and infants. Non-blood specimen collection practices are usually part of the curriculum.

Aspiring phlebotomists learn proper infection control. They receive instruction on how to prepare the blood collection site, how to choose the proper collection tools and how to handle the transportation, processing and management of collected samples. Medical and legal ethics as they relate to phlebotomy services are also taught.

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IV Therapy Course

Course Cost: $200.00

Expand your knowledge and skill on intravenous and blood withdrawal with MA Medical Services.  From this class you will gain knowledge and experience on technical skills that are needed with home health, hospitals, nursing homes, ems, and clinics... 

This class will include lectures on preparing a patient, infection control, and cliical implications for intravenous and blood withdrawal.  

Clinical topics will include preparing equipment, administering of IV Medication, blood withdrawal, how to find the correct vein, skin puncture, injection control, and how to calculate medication.  


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