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MA Medical Services, LLC is a company that provides three branches of service to the greater San Antonio area.  Home Health, Medical Staffing, and Medical Education are three core areas of service that we believe increase the healthcare quality in San Antonio, Texas.  We specialize in caring for patients that are in need of 24 hour home care.  Individuals with special care needs such as patients on ventilators or patients in need of extensive medical care in the home are typically the client that joins our team.  We care for a wide range of clients from simple patient education to total in home care.  What makes us different from other companies can be traced back to the origins of our company.

We began our journey in 2008 when two military veterans decided to bring their medical knowledge and skills to the civilian population.  Military training in medical tasks combined with a passion to develop leaders in the medical field gave birth to MA Medical Services, LLC.  Our owners have over 30 years' experience in nursing and healthcare management.

MA Medical Services, LLC adheres to a set of core values that guide us to do the right thing in every situation.  We believe that through training everyone can achieve more.  Training our staff is the cornerstone of who we are.  We provide our medical staff with advance medical courses, such as Advance Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advance Life Support, Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support, Advance Medical Life Support, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care.  We believe that when we are in your home WE ARE 911.  We provide the same training to our client's family members at no additional costs, allowing for family members to gain valuable confidence and competence in caring for their loved ones along with the nursing staff that travels to their home.  This team approach and commitment to quality is unmatched in the medical field today.

If you know of a patient that is at home on a ventilator please let them know that we are subject matter experts in ventilator management and we will deliver the best care they have ever experienced. We will also train their family members on the equipment and supplies used to care for their loved one.

3453 IH 35 North, Suite 101
San Antonio, TX 78219


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